‘It’s Just Crazy That So Many Retailers Don’t Accept Bitcoin’, Say OVERSTOCK EXEC

The price tag on bitcoin has been on the tear during the last year, however the true variety of top merchants who accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment has retreated.

That’s puzzling to Jonathan Johnson, the elected chief executive of Medici Endeavors, the capital raising subsidiary of online merchant Overstock. Johnson performed an intrinsic role in getting the store known because of its furniture stock to accept the cryptocurrency. He informed Business Insider that Overstock has seen a “moderate” uptick in the amount of bitcoin transactions occurring on the webpage, and he feels it’s “crazy that so many merchants don’t accept bitcoin.”

The cryptocurrency is accepted at three of the top retailers monitored by Internet Dealer just, according to a recently available research note by Morgan Stanley. That’s a decrease of two from this past year.

“The disparity between practically no merchant approval and bitcoin’s rapid gratitude is impressive,” the bank said.

Costly transactions is one reason the lender thinks retailers have been slower to simply accept bitcoin, but Johnson thinks this is a moot point.

“The expense of taking bitcoin is suprisingly low,” Johnson said. “That it is cheaper for all of us to complete a bitcoin purchase than it is to complete a debit card.”

To be certain, that’s likely because the transaction cost for bitcoin falls on the buyer, not the dealer. Johnson thinks if customers are prepared to purchase that cost, they must have the choice then.

Merchants may be weary to accept bitcoin due to its crazy price swings. Ethereum, another cryptocurrency, on June 21 adobe flash crashed. It tumbled from about $296 to a minimal of $0.10 in a matter of minutes before recouping its deficits. It stands to reason that merchants are nervous. They don’t really want to take coins that may potentially lose almost all their value.

“But that reason doesn’t make any sense,” Johnson opined.”It is simple enough during transaction to carefully turn it into fiat currency.”

When Overstock first started accepting bitcoin we held 90% bitcoin and coverted 10% in cash.

“Today we keep 50% in bitcoin,” he said.

Cryptocurrency fans have been clamoring to get more retailers to simply accept bitcoin. At least 2,100 petitioners on Change.org want Amazon to become listed on Overstock in accepting bitcoin as a kind of payment.

CoinGeek.com, a blockchain and bitcoin information site, sent $100 in bitcoin to the financial directors at 20 of the very best online retail brands including Amazon and Airbnb. Airbnb, considerably is the only company that has accepted the cash thus, thursday relating to articles penned.

Johnson feels those companies should give consideration.

“I have no idea why a CEO wouldn’t want to make it easier for people to invest money,” he said.


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‘It’s Just Crazy That So Many Retailers Don’t Accept Bitcoin’, Say OVERSTOCK EXEC